An Answer to the Greatest of Questions

I've accidentally ran into the answer of one of the great questions of the universe. Where can a guy meet a nice girl? If you're a male looking for the answer to this ageless question, you can rejoice because I'm about to divulge what must be one of the best kept secrets of dating.

In two words the answer is: figure skating. As regular readers know I've recently gotten into the sport of figure skating. I love the sport and the effort of trying to continuously improve myself. Before this I never found a good place to meet nice women, but now I'm practically beating them off with a stick. Okay, there aren't really any sticks involved, but I am in the unique situation of multiple women showing interest in me. The really funny thing (in that sick funny kind of way) is that I don't really want to date anyone at this stage in my life and have been graciously turning them down. I would have loved this information just a few years back, but now it's wasted on me. It's a messed up world in which we live.

In other news I'm heading to Sunday River Mountain this weekend for a weekend of snowboarding. It should be fun!


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