Awesome Snowboarding

Eric's parents were in town this week and his dad (Newy) loves to ski so Eric and I took him up to Killington. They got 18 inches two days before we came and about 5 inches the night before we came. Then while we were there I would guess that they got another 5 inches of powder. All this snow added up to some of the best snowboarding conditions of my life!

This is a shot of the three of us on our first ride up for the day. Look at all the snow!

Here's a shot of Eric posing for the camera. What are all those white specs in the photo?

Newy just took a digger. Luckily there was all that powder to soften his fall.

I thought that I'd designate this last shot to all the pretty snow incase you missed that fact that that there was a lot of it.


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