Sunday River Trip

Last weekend I headed out to Sunday River for a weekend ski trip with Robert and Eric (two dudes I work with). We drove up on Friday night and stayed in a slope side condo.

Saturday morning was a cold -5 F with 50 mph winds. In a word the conditions where sucky. Because of the winds all the snow was blown off the mountain and only a sheet of ice remained. Snowboarding on ice is quite a challenge, and this was probably the iciest ice I've ever boarded.

That night we hit a crowded pool. It was a heated outdoor pool and all the steam that formed above the water was pretty cool. I had to keep dunking my head under the water or my ears got cold.

Sunday wasn't quite as cold, but the biggest difference what that the wind was gone. They must have also had the groomers out all night because they ground all that ice into something that resembled snow. Because of this the conditions on Sunday were actually pretty good. As the day progressed I started doing more jumping on my board than I've ever done before. It was pretty fun, and I'll definitely keep working on my jumps more next time I go.

For those of you wondering where the pictures are. Well I took some with my camera phone that I was going to post, but um, err, I forgot to take off the lens cap. So all I had when I got home were black pictures. Sorry about that :(

All in all it was a great weekend. Later!


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