The Good and the Bad

New Softball Season
Its spring and we're starting a new softball season in my coed league. I tend not to take the games very seriously and just try and have fun with it. This past Thursday we had our annual practice. We're so awesome (or is it that so hopeless?) that we only need a single practice to get ready for the season which starts next week.

It turned out to be a great practice because another team just happened to be there and we got a little scrimmage action going which was way more fun than just a practice. Last year I led the team with a batting average of 850. I was a little worried that it was some sort of fluke, but it seems like my strategy for getting a high batting average still works. I'm not a very good hitter, but I'm good at getting to first base quickly. So my strategy is just to keep the ball on the ground and run to first base as fast as my legs will carry me. The only out I had in scrimmage was when I accidentally hit a pop fly to center field. Most of my hits were fairly light hits to second base or the shortstop followed up my super-awesome base running skills. The main thing I get out of softball is a whole lot of fun.

Now it's time for the bad news. Some lawyers at work have ordered me to give a deposition in Minneapolis this upcoming Tuesday. I just bought the flight on Friday and will be flying out Sunday because our lawyers want to prep me all day Monday. Then on Tuesday the other team's layers (should I call them the enemy? :-) ) get to question me. I'm probably being called in because my name is on a patent related to the case. I am not looking forward to this. I've talked to some other engineers who have given depositions before and universally they said it was not a fun experience. The only bright side I can think of is that it will be a new experience and I do like new experiences, but in this case I'd be willing to skip the new experience if I could.

It's spring, get out and have some fun!


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