My Little Brother

Most of you know I volunteered at Big Brothers Big Sisters, which is a child mentoring non-profit organization. It took a few months of background checks, but I finally got to see my little brother this past Thursday. On Thursday we just has a short time together so we went to a park and played a little Frisbee. I think he’s better at throwing a Frisbee than I am. It was entertaining to me how much energy this kid has got. We ran to the car. Then we ran from the car to a good spot in the park. Then we ran around with the Frisbee. Then we ran back to the car. Then we ran from the car to his house. Not a single step of walking anywhere.

On Sunday I took him ice skating. Unlike Frisbee I was better at this one than he was, but he had a blast. After that we did a little bit of geocaching. After skating around for an hour and running around finding a geocache he was finally tired out so I gave him a piggy back ride to the car. Great times were had by all.


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