Navin Skating Show

Last time I told you about skating it was about a competition. This time it's about my first show, which was at the Navin skating rink. I performed both a solo routine and a routine with a group of adults. Both of these routines went great. I think my favorite routine of the show was a pirate routine put on by three fairly high level skaters that I know. Not only was it good skating, but they were dressed up as pirates. I LOVE PIRATES!!! I seriously contemplated ways of becoming a pirate during college (a good pirate mind you). Maybe I'll write about this pirate fetish of mine in another post someday.

I had an awesome time at the show. It was even more fun than my competition a few weeks ago. After thinking about it I believe the truck loads of fun came from hanging and chatting with all my skating friends. A secondary source in the total fun factor was the fun derived from actually performing. It surprised me that this was the case since I tend to have more fun from doing than socializing, but it seems that this time was an exception.

Yar, ye better be having a good week or I be making ye landlubbers walk the plank.


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