I grew up with two dogs and two cats. My favorite pet was my chocolate lab, Heathy. We were total buddies and did a lot of running around and playing in the woods. His favorite job was tiring out my arm by retrieving anything I could throw (tennis balls, sticks, logs, Frisbees, my sister ...).

I know I don’t have time for a dog in my life right now, but I have thought about getting a cat a few times. I never have gotten one though because I know even a cat will take up a lot of my time. Anyways I’ve been thinking about getting a cat again. I’ve told myself I won’t get one before the end of August since I don’t want to jump into something like this. If I still want a cat then I’ll be more confident that I will remain happy with a cat in the long term.

While I really feel for the cats/kittens in shelters, I am hesitant to go with a pet that I don’t know what its personality will be like. I’m looking for a very active and playful type cat that has a lot of dog like traits. Currently one of my favorite breeds is the Devon Rex. Check out this link for a description of the Devon Rex breed and some pictures of this strange looking cat.

If anyone has any other good ideas of cats I might like let me know.


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