District Championships

I took off work this past Friday and spent the day at the Pilgrim Blades rink in Hingham, MA. It was the ISI ice skating district championships. To get the suspense out of the way. No, there wasn't any other males competing at the Delta level, and yes I did get the gold medal when skating against the book. That makes three competitions and three gold medals. Next time I skate in a competition will be in fall. I will be skating at a higher level so it should be more of a challenge for me to get a gold medal even if there is nobody to skate against, but hopefully I'll get some real competition at a higher level.

I didn't skate until 8:00 pm, so I spent the rest of the day watching my friends skate and volunteering at the music and announcing booth. I did two shifts of volunteering and each lasted around an hour. The most memorable moment of this these two sessions happened about half way through the second hour. I was working the music at the time and a skater had a "wardrobe" malfunction. This skater was wearing a dress that had a band of fabric that went around her neck the held the front of her dress up, and well this clip holding band around her neck unclipped in the middle of her routine and the front of her dress fell down. It happened right in front of me and the face the girl made was priceless. It wasn't too terrible since nothing too private was visible and after that initial shock she handled it well and skated over to her coach who fixed the dress. I was sitting behind the judges and heard them talking about how things should proceed. The final decision was that she would continue from the point where she had the malfunction. Since I was running the music at the time it was my job to rewind the music and hit play (aren't I amazing!).

Overall it was a great day. I'm already looking forward to next year.


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