Salchow or is it a Sow Cow?

I did my first Salchow today. It was pretty sloppy, but I'm sure I'll get it polished in the next few weeks. It is my first full rotation jump without using a toe pick to help vault me into the air. The jump's takeoff is from a back inside edge and the landing is on the back outside edge of the opposite foot.

When I started learning to skate there were two jumps I really wanted to learn the axel and the Salchow. I like the axel because it looks pretty, but I've still got some work before I am ready to try that jump. I liked the Salchow jump because it has a cool name. Up until a few minutes ago when I looked up the spelling for Salchow, I had thought the jump was called a "Sow Cow". It must have sounded close enough since nobody ever corrected me. I wish it was a sow cow because that's way cooler than just some dude's name.


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