The Cape

Eric and I went to Cape Cod this weekend because we had some exceptionally warm weather for this time of year. The highs were in the mid 90's instead of the normal mid 70's.

We spent a long time digging this hole and then Eric convinced me to get buried. It was all good until he started piling sand on my head...

There was this huge sand dune that must have had over 50 feet of vertical with a fairly steep slope. This was me rolling down the hill. It turns out that rolling down sand dunes is much safer than rolling down grassy hills. With grassy hills you can pick up so much speed on the hard ground that you loose control and bad things happen (yes I know this from experience). However, the sand acts as a damping agent and makes the roll a little more controlled and a lot less painful. You still get going crazy fast though. At the bottom of the sand dune I was so dizzy it took me a minute or so before I could stand up.


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