Christy and Dan's Wedding Pictures

I've posted the wedding pictures online. There are 3 albums.

This album is from the day of the wedding.
This album is from the picture CD played at the wedding.
This album has the all the miscellaneous pictures from the trip.

http://www.glacialwanderer.com/pictures/ is a central hub where you can access all these pages.

The basic philosophy of these albums was to include all the decent non-repeating pictures I had. This works good for a person who was there and is showing others or just remembering the event for themselves. Those are the main purposes of these photos. I've found that ten of the best pictures with captions is usually a much better way to describe an event for those who weren't there. If anyone wants to do something like that and wants a place to put it online just let me know and I'll host it.

I hope you enjoy the picture. I sure enjoyed being there! Mucho thanks to everyone who sent me photos.


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