Worcester Sharks

In the past few years I've seen numerous semi-pro teams in various sports. They've all focused a lot on adding things to keep families entertained during the game even if they're not that interested in the sport. This sort of thing is very good for the 8 nanosecond attention span of most 8 year olds. I took Devon to a Sharks hockey game yesterday and it was no exception to the semi-pro rule I've observed. If you haven't seen any semi-pro sporting events in the past few years you owe it to yourself to go. Even better volunteer at BBBS so you can score free tickets like me!

The seats BBBS got us were amazing. The were in the first row just to the side of one of the goals. I truly believe we had the best seats at the game. Many times players would slam in the boards just a few feet in front of us. The loud noise of them slamming into the boards just two feet in front of us would always make Devon jump back even when we saw it coming. At one point during a break one of the ice cleaners tossed a puck to our general area and with some fast hands and a large leap managed to grab it for Devon. Then not two minutes later during the same break a referee knocked on the glass with a puck and then tossed it straight to me. Now Devon had two pucks. Of course being an 8 year old he held one puck in each hand and waved them around for the rest of the game with a huge smile beaming from his face. A few people commented about how I was cleaning up on the pucks. One puck would certainly have been enough, but I reckon two pucks make for a better story for Devon to tell his friends. Maybe I should start calling him two-puck-Devon.


At 7:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Maurice, My name is Sue Wentzell and I am Devon's great aunt. My sister is Jill's Mom. Just wanted to thank you for being Devon's Big Brother. We all waited a long time for him to have a special male role model in his life. Sure seems like he got a great one in you! Thanks again!

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Glacial Wanderer said...

Thank's Sue.

I'm glad that Devon enjoys our time together. Also I can't claim to be completely selfless since I enjoy our time together, and am always learning new things from him.


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