Australia Trip

After New Zealand I flew to Sydney, Australia. I wanted to get some R&R so I took the train out of the city to a small town called Katoomba. I choose Katoomba because it was near the Blue Mountains which I've heard was a great place to spend some time. There's not much to tell about the days I spent in Katoomba. I met some interesting people, had my Christmas dinner with them and did some short hikes. My photos of Australia are worth checking out.

I went back to Sydney one day before I had to fly out. I spent the day visiting the big sights like the Aquarium, Opera House, and Botanical Gardens. The photos linked above do a better job describing what I saw than I can do with words.

I remember Australia as the place I rested after my New Zealand holiday. It's a big place and I should go back there someday to see more of it, but I do have a lot of other places on my list to visit. If I go back I'm pretty sure I'd fly into one of the smaller cities.



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