San Francisco

My flight to San Francisco was delayed for two hours on United. I was a little annoyed at how the delay was handled. There was nobody from United to answer our questions about why it was delayed and if it might get delayed more. I eventually tracked down a person who knew that the flight was delayed because the airplane was arriving late and that it was in the air. I guess that was all the information I needed, but it would have been nice if they would have shared more information. On other delayed flights that I've been on the crew normally apologies for the delayed flight. Not on this flight. They never once mentioned that the flight was delayed. Maybe they thought we'd forget about it or something. I didn't forget about it and neither did the family next to me who missed their connecting flight. Not very classy way to handle delayed flights if you ask me. I'll probably avoid United flights in the future if I can, but I'd still choose them before Northwest. I'm a bit afraid that someday all airlines will be on my bad list at which point I guess they'd all get another chance :-) All airlines except Midwest, they've helped me out so many times in the past they'd need to do an awful lot of bad things to make me dislike them and I highly doubt they'd ever try to cash out their favor bank. But I've heard they're probably going to get bought out by some crappy airline so then Midwest will be gone anyways :(

My time in San Francisco was pretty good. I spent my spare time during the beginning of the week just preparing for my presentation. The only problem was that there was a scheduling snafu and I had to start 15 minutes before the time listed in the book. Even so, most people showed up on time and another 25% more people showed up during the talk making for a full room by the end. Numerous people told me that they thought I did a very good job and that the topic was interesting. I guess all that preparation paid off!


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