It's Bike Season

Geez, gas prices sure are high. How can I combat high gas prices?

I'm glad you asked. You could take the Bush approach and try invading Iraq, but think I have a better idea. You could ride your bike to work! By using less gas you help the environment and there's the added bonus of exercise.

The only two negatives I can think of for riding to work are that it takes extra time and its not quite as safe as driving a car. Unless you live a really far distance from work then the time argument is pretty weak. I live about 10 miles from work and it takes me about 20 minutes to drive my car or about 35 minutes to ride my bike. So that means for a few extra minutes each day I'm getting over an hour of exercise which I would claim is no waste of time at all. This exercise idea leads into the safety concerns. I would argue that the increase in risk of getting hit by a car on your bike is much less than the health benefits you get from riding your bike. Many more Americans die each year from preventable heart disease than die from accidents. And this is just one of many deadly diseases that could be prevented with exercise. To anyone who says riding my bike to work is too risky is crazy; I say eating potato chips and watching TV is too risky.

Help me lower gas prices by riding to work!


At 1:45 AM, Blogger Emily! said...

Cars-R-Coffins! Riding your bike is cool! Keep of the good work Maurice. Cool Finland pics!


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