Mt. Washington and My Future Marathon

I spent the past weekend in New Hampshire in the Mt. Washington area. A friend of mine was running to the top of the mountain in a race. I've been told running up this 7.5 mile road with 4600 feet of vertical is just as difficult as running a marathon. They only let 1000 people do it. The winner (see picture) did the race in just under one hour. My buddy took one hour and 24 minutes, but that put him in the top 1/5th overall (pretty awesome since the winner was about 20 and my friend is in his mid-50s.)

This trip has motivated me to run a marathon. I'm going to start training soon and plan to run a marathon in Rhode Island towards the end of this year. I never really thought seriously about running a marathon, but now that I have it in my head I am sure I can do it. I mean it's only 26.2 miles. How hard can that be?!?...

I'll share more info on my journey towards completing a marathon later. Have a great week!


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