Geocaching, Hardwood Floors, and My Unlucky Weekend

The weather was great this weekend so Benj, Emily and me went out geocaching. We had just enough melting snow left to make this snowman.

The warm temps didn't look good for Charlie (our snowman) so we decided to put him out of his misery. You can see more photo's of Charlie and his destruction here.

In other news I've decided to install hardwood floors in my condo. After much deliberation I decided to go with stranded bamboo. It's environmentally friendly, I love the look, and it's supposed to be harder than oak. Here's a picture of the samples I considered. The stranded bamboo is on the bottom right. I plan to install it myself in a few weeks.

Now let my explain my unlucky weekend. It started on Friday when I took my car in to get it's MA state required annual safety inspection. In order to pass I needed to get some fairly expensive repairs to my exhaust and replace my front tires. Then on Saturday I tried to open my garage door and it it didn't open. After some investigation I found out the motor was busted and I went to buy a new one from Home Depot. When I got home from buying the garage door opener I went to cook some pasta an the handle broke off my favorite pot. This is a pot my mom gave me and it must be 40 years old. Geez, lots of things have been breaking lately. The good news is the weather is great, and now that I've installed that new garage door opener it does have some nice new features. Who would have thought garage door technology would still be improving!


At 2:26 PM, Blogger Mrs said...

Hi--the bamboo on the bottom row second from the left is soft and scratches quite easily.


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