Trip to Budapest, Romania, and Lee/Natile's Wedding

This was a monster trip.

I had a week of business in Budapest so while I was busy with meetings Emily got to experience explore Budapest. Biggest memories were the great food and a hike we did up to the top of a mountain in the poring rain.

Brasov, Romania
Then we took an 11 hour train rid to Brasov and spent 5 days there. The things I remember most about this was proposing to Emily and how friendly the people of Romania are. I'll discuss the proposal in another post. Some of the nice things that the people in Romania did for us was giving us sandwiches, driving us around to another home stay when ours was full, and just being generally helpful/friendly. Romania is a great place to visit!

Budapest->Rome->Chicago->Green Bay
Next we flew to Green Bay for my friends' wedding. Great time was had by all.

Green Bay->Chicago->Boston
I was ready to be home.

Many more pictures from the trip are here.


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