Emily has been asking for either 17 kittens or a bird feeder for months. She is in Japan for 3 weeks and my plan was to surprise her with a bird feeder when she got back. It was this clear bird feeder that actually stuck onto the window ($10 on Amazon). I though it would be fun to see the birds up close and birds never interested our pets much. The squirrels found it long before any birds. At first they were just looking at it and I thought it would be squirrel proof since there would be no way in except by flying. I was wrong. It took just a few minutes for a daredevil squirrel to make a 3 foot leap from the deck railing into the feeder. Then he started to chow down. I don't mind the squirrels, but I thought our dog was going to have a breakdown due to all the taunting these squirrels did. Tookie just couldn't stand it and the squirrel didn't move for anything inside the house. Even when I tapped the window that the squirrel was an inch from didn't make them move. So no matter how much growling Tookie did the squirrels just keep eating. I don't think this bird feeder is going to work out...


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