Fat Friends Linked in Study

The obesity epidemic in my opinion is the biggest health problem in America today. This study shows that if your friend gets fat you're much more likely to also get fat. The study has a few postulations as to why this is. Not sure if I agree with any of them, but I did think it was an interesting read.

I also found this chart interesting. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it helps put in perspective what is killing people. I think that most of the cases of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes can probably be attributed to bad diet. I also question whether a chart like this really takes into account what is "preventable" with the proper diet. Maybe spending hundreds of billions of dollars on something besides war would have been more productive use of the money...


My Company Is Green

Today AMD released an announcement about how they are helping out the environment. It makes me happy that my company cares enough about the environment to make a press release about it. In all my years with ATI I can't remember them ever doing this. Sure you could argue that they are only doing this to get publicity or to improve their image, but frankly I don't care. If that's why they are doing it, I hope it works so they do even more to help the environment in the future. This planet is hurting and it will take help however it can get it.

Now it's your turn. Do something to help out, it could be as simple as turning off some lights you're not using right now. Here's a website about 10 things you can do to help out.


Summer Picnic

This weekend was our annual summer work picnic. This year I took my little brother to the event. AMD is good about having lots of fun things for kids (and us fun loving adults) to do. Mini golf, bumper boats, and a driving range were our favorites. Devon had a great time, but a day of fun wore him out. When I got to his house I had difficulty waking him up. He was in the deepest sleep I've ever seen. It almost scared me, but he did eventually wake up. Fun days!



I recently got this trophy for my first place finish at in the ISI district competition.


Tennis is Fun

My condo complex has tennis courts so Eric and I decided to get some rackets this weekend. We have just started our training for the Olympics. Our first practice was a little rough, but I'm sure we'll improve quickly. Hopefully we'll be ready for the 2008 Olympics because neither of us has been to China before and Beijing would be a great place to visit. I think we'll be ready, but if we're not quite good enough by 2008 I'm sure we'll be in London in 2012.

Watch for us!


Parents Visiting

My parents visited this weekend and I did a truckload of stuff with them.

First we visited Walden Pond. I even convinced my mom to wade into the water a little. Then I accidentally picked her up and dropped her into a deeper part. You can probably see my evil laugh below.

Next we went to visit some relatives I never knew I had in Jamestown, Rhode Island. While down there we went to Rose Island and watched the tall ships parade. For those not familor with the Tall Ships they are a bunch of recreations of various old ships.

Then today we went to Old Sturbridge Village, which is a recreation of a seventeen hundered's era village.


Sicko is Michael Moore's new movie about the problems with health insurance in the United States. The biggest issue I have with this movie is that almost all of its evidence is anecdotal evidence. None the less it make a few good points and is more entertaining than Moore's past movies. You should go and see it for yourself.