I've been crazy busy lately so I haven't had much time for updating this blog. Here is a list of the things I've been doing.

On Valentines Day I gave Emily this box I had made on my CNC machine. She really liked it and I'm glad. Making this small box took awhile, but it was worth it. It has been hand sanded and the wood is well oiled. It's baby smooth. The box is carved out of one solid chuck of red oak and is probably one of the simplest yet highest quality and perfect things I've ever made. Emily loves octopuses so I put one the octopus necklace inside.

Emily and I have been painting my house. We got about half of it done this weekend and hope to finish it next weekend. I have a few other improvements I want to do too. I'll post a picture when I'm done with them.

I've been working on a web app that helps knitters make patterns on sweaters. This idea was born from the fact that programs that currently do this cost $20+ and must be installed on a computer. I'm pretty sure I can make an app that runs in your web browser and is free. I am making progress, but I need to figure out how these web programming languages work as I go since I've never used them before.

I've joined a new gym so I can start getting back into better shape.

My new job at Qualcomm is going great and is keeping me busy.

I have lots of other projects I need to get to soon, but I haven't had time yet. Eeeek. I need to go and start doing some of this. Bye!