Pipe Problems

Yesterday Emily and I were finishing installing the hardwood floor an upstairs bedroom. Everything was going great. We had finished the floor, and were just finishing putting the baseboard molding up. Then Emily tapped me on the shoulder and said, "LOOK". There was water seeping out from under the wall. She said she thought it was the toilet (bathroom was on the other side of the wall so I ran into there. Nothing. Then I ran to the water main in the basement and turned it off to stop the water. Most of the water went through the walls and into the basement. We collected about 10 gallons there. There is few minor water marks on the downstairs ceiling which will require painting the ceiling someday. After assessing this and mopping up a a little water here and their we started chopping holes in the wall to find the problem. It turned out that Emily had awesome aim with the nailgun and put 2 nails right through a half inch vertical pipe. Talk about bad luck. This probably would not have happened if the pipe was in the middle of the wall like it should have been...

Because I messed up while trying to find the pipe and cut another hole in it we had to replace a whole T joint section. Not a big problem, but we couldn't find a CPVC (C means it is safe for drinking water) T joint at HomeDepot (both stores we tied were out. We got a glueless "Shark" T joint which is normally used to join copper to PVC. While pricey ($8 instead of 32 cents) it worked great and if I ever want a quick fix (no need to wait 2 hours while the pipe glue dries) I would use them again.

Now I just need to put down some new boards where I ripped the old ones out and patch the hole in my wall and I'll be done (again).

This past weekend was awesome weather. Sunday was in the upper 80's!



It's finally getting warm so I've been trying to spend time doing more hiking and geocaching. I will be going to England in a few weeks for work and then back to the midwest to see Emily and my family/friends. May will be a busy month, but until then I'm enjoying the nice weather.