Salamander Seeking Cat

Ramona was out in the garage yesterday hunting and found this salamander. Luckily for the salamander Ramona is more of a poker than a killer and it eventually got away.



I've had a few people ask for more pictures. I won't promise future performance, but here is one from this weekend.

My Niece

I've been an uncle for about a half a year now so I thought it was about time to show a picture of the extraordinarily lucky child who has the great honor of calling me her uncle. Or whatever...

Awwww, Margaret is getting cute now since the new born baby squished face syndrome that all newborns have is gone. One thing I noticed is that her head is kind of large. I wonder if she'll have trouble finding big enough hats like my sister did.


Eric's Visit

Eric came back to Massachusetts for work stuff, but was able to spend the weekend with me. We did all sort of things like geocaching, mini golf, beaching, and swimming. Here are are few pictures from our adventures.

This is just a few of the thousands and thousands of tiny crabs we saw.


Happy 4th

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

No supper exciting news to report. I went hiking today. Other than that I've been adding some shelves and better lighting to my laboratory in the basement. Also been spending time on my next project. It's a quadcopter, which is a 4 motor helicopter. Besides designing the frame structure I also need to write a control system since the design isn't naturally stable like an airplane. Fun stuff, but it's a big project.