Camera Axe

I've launched a store to sell a new version of my Camera Axe. Check out the store here.

Last, but not least here is a new picture I took tonight with the Camera Axe.



A local camera club is forming in Worcester and I tagged along on a field trip today. The people I met seemed pretty cool so I plan to keep attending. The club usually has one meeting a month and one field trip. Below is one of the photos I took on the fieldtrip.



After being away from home for so long, I'm enjoying this relaxing weekend. Here is a picture I took during a Tookie walk.

I also just finished my nature photography course. I missed most of the classes because I was away for work, but I still got some decent pictures. I put the the photos here.


Finally Back

My work trip out to California took a lot longer than planned. I finally got back. I can't say what I was working on out there, but I will say there are a bunch of cool phones with Qualcomm's chipset on the way.

I didn't have much time to take pictures, but I got some nice ones of Golden Gate Bridge just before I got on my plane.