It's the time of the year when ferns are starting to come up. I've always thought these were some of the most beautiful spring time plants. I took these shots this weekend while taking Tookie on a walk.

First day working at our CSA

CSA stands for community supported agriculture. The way it works is you buy a share in a local vegitable farm and then get a portion of the crops. Emily and I joined the Heirloom Harvest earlier this year. Everybody has to put in a few hours working on the farm. We spent the morning planting collards an Chinese cabbage. It was great fun, but my body is now reminding me farm work uses a lot more muscles than my desk job.

A picture of Emily working in the green house.

A picture of Emily riding back to the fields. (I nearly feel out of the truck taking this picture.)

A picture of Emily planting.


Bikram Yoga

Emily and I have been attending some Bikram Yoga classes in Westboro. This is an intensive yoga in a highly heated and humid room. Every class is 1.5 hours long. I drink a large bottle of water and still loose a few pounds of water. Best sweating I've had since I ran my marathon. This isn't what I expected from yoga. Yoga I've done in the past focused on stretching. Bikram Yoga certainly has stretching, but it also strengths your muscles and bones. Fun fun fun! Peace!


Great Outdoors

Here's another picture I took while outside in the great weather we've been having.


Milk Drops

I photographed some milk drops. Read more about it here.

I think this one looks like the virgin Mary.

Signs of Spring

Emily, Tookie, and I went on a walk this morning. It is a beautiful day with highs expected in in 70s. Here are some pictures from our walk.