It's fall time. One of my favorite times of the year. Ticks are pretty back around Massachusetts this time of the year. I think ticks are making a last ditch effort to find a host. A few weeks ago we took Tookie on a walk and she got 25 ticks on her!! Since then we've been walking in less tall grassy fields until the first hard frost.

We painted our last room and now everything is pretty. Getting new windows prompted us to do that. I'll probably show a picture of our new windows when I get a chance. Our old windows weren't too bad, but there was a lot of rot around the windows. The condo is paying to fix the rot and I'm paying to fix the windows. The people putting in the new windows confirmed what I had suspected. The condos did a bad job putting the windows in originally. Oh well, at least they are being done right this time so they should last a very long time. It was a good excuse to get my $1500 tax rebate from the government. Silly government.

Next week I'm going to San Diego for work stuff and Emily is holding down the fort.


Apple Orchards

Emily and I went to pick some apples today. Yum!

Camera Axe 4

I've just finished making Camera Axe 4. Visit www.CameraAxe.com for more details.


Fall is Nigh

Out hiking around we saw this little guy hoping across the trail. Luckily (for this guy) Tookie was off looking for a chipmunk.