Texas Trip

Emily and I just got back from a week long trip to Texas. We did all sorts of fun things including birdwatching, visiting Mexico, seeing my aunt's ranch, and eating a lot of good food.

Here is an online photo gallery from our trip.

Everything is bigger in Texas.

2010's Letter

I posted an online version of my annual letter here.


Droplets and Stairs

We finished the stairs! I don't have time to take a photo now, but I'll try to get one when I have time. The last stage was just painting/staining them. Sounds easy, but painting the risers took 3 days for the primer and 2 coats of white. Then 1 day for the stain on the treads and 3 more days for the polyurethane. For the treads I'd do it at night and paint myself to the ground floor. Then use a ladder to get back up the the bedroom so I could sleep. When we woke up things were dry enough to walk on. It looks great!

I took this video with the Camera Axe this weekend.


Bullet Photography

An article I wrote about high speed photography was published on a pretty popular photography website. Check out the article here.

A carrot painted blue being hit by a bullet.


As most of you probably know I'm a big in BBBS. My little and I went to the annual holiday party yesterday. Normally we like the summer piknic better because we can swim all day, but this party was pretty awesome. There were some karate people who came and gave a show and then taught us a few moves. Then all the littles got to break boards which was a lot a fun. Then at the end my little won a bike in the raffle. He was so excited! It was a great day.