Palm Trees and Snow

I spend a week and a half on a business trip to sunny San Francisco.

Massachusetts has been hit hard this winter with snow storms. I'd estimate we've gotten about 5 feet in January and another 2 feet towards the end of December. Crazy.

I've taken photos of both of these things. I'll let you figure out which are which.


Snow Storm #2

I'm a little late, but last week we had our second snow storm of the year. Emily and I missed the first one while we were in 80+ degree Texas. This second got Emily out work for a day and I worked from home. We got around 22 inches of the white stuff so it was a pretty huge storm.

This week I'm traveling to San Jose for work and Emily is at home watching over things.


Winter Dog Walk

After a light snow Emily and I took Tookie for a walk. Tookie loves the snow. Especially when we point out some tracks in the snow from a mouse or other small varmint. Tookie always thinks we're so smart and have such great noises to be able to smell those tracks from so far away :-) Tookie then sticks her noise in the snow and follows the tracks for awhile. She has found a mouse in the past doing this, but today she found nothing.