Work and Family Travel

Last weekend I traveled to see my sister and her new baby. Here are some pictures.

Then I came home for 24 hours and had to fly to Mountain View for work stuff. It's nice to get home. I don't see any more big trips until my work trip to Germany in about a month.


Signs of Spring

This past weekend was busy. Emily was in a car accident so we spent most of that day finding here a new used car. She picked a Toyota Corolla. She had a Corolla as her second car many years ago and it was one of her favorite. This is a 2006 with only 30K miles. It should last a good long time.

Then on Sunday we went looking for places to get married. We think we found the spot, but it's still classified and I'm not going to mention it until we're more sure.

We also fit a few long dog walks and a yoga class into the weekend. Here's a picture I took.