Another Busy Weekend

This past Saturday Eric, Emily and I went to Cape Cod. We went to a beach called "First Encounter Beach". It was one of the funnest beach days I've ever had. We got there at low tide and due to the extremely flat land were able to walk out almost a mile into the water before it even got waste deep. There were tons of interesting crabs, snails and other sorts of creatures. See the pictures below. Then on Sunday Eric, Emily, Devon and I went to the AMD summer picnic. I always have fun there playing on the bumper boats, mini golf, tug-of-war and other miscellaneous games. Sorry no picture from this one.


Links to More Pictures

Here's a link to more pictures from Mt. Washington.

Here's a link to pictures from my latest photography class.


Mt. Washington and My Future Marathon

I spent the past weekend in New Hampshire in the Mt. Washington area. A friend of mine was running to the top of the mountain in a race. I've been told running up this 7.5 mile road with 4600 feet of vertical is just as difficult as running a marathon. They only let 1000 people do it. The winner (see picture) did the race in just under one hour. My buddy took one hour and 24 minutes, but that put him in the top 1/5th overall (pretty awesome since the winner was about 20 and my friend is in his mid-50s.)

This trip has motivated me to run a marathon. I'm going to start training soon and plan to run a marathon in Rhode Island towards the end of this year. I never really thought seriously about running a marathon, but now that I have it in my head I am sure I can do it. I mean it's only 26.2 miles. How hard can that be?!?...

I'll share more info on my journey towards completing a marathon later. Have a great week!


Cape Cod Photos

Click here for the Pictures.

This past weekend I took Emily to Cape Cod for her birthday. We stayed at Ashley Manor. It was the first time either of us had ever stayed at a bed and breakfast and it was a great experience. It was kind of like a hostel in that everyone got together in a common area in the morning and talked about things. During the days we did lots of activities like: playing on the beach, trail running, visiting an art festival, catching hermit crabs, burying Emily, and visiting the Edward Gorey museum.

It was a great weekend!


Give Blood

It's that time again. I gave blood today and that means I'm going to remind you to do the same. Save a life and sign up on the Red Cross web site today!

Today was the first time I ever donated in the "blood bus". It's basically a big bus with 4 beds. It was a unique experience. Everything was a big more crowded, but the ladies taking blood seemed to more peppy. It almost like a party in there.

Gas @ $4

The national average of gas went over $4 a gallon and I just bought some for $4.04.

Connecticut has some of the highest gas prices in the nation and while I was done there I saw some for $4.40. Yiks!

busy, busy, busy

I always say that I don't like to be bored, and these days I have no issues with that. I went out at sunrise on Saturday with my photo group to take pictures. Then I hurried over to hike up Mt Wachusett with my little brother. Then I went to listen to some music with friends in Putnam. The next morning I went to Purgatory Chasm for some hiking with Emily. Then I spent the rest of the day with friends down in Connecticut.

If I had any free time I'd post some photos, but I just haven't had any lately. I will try and get some up here soon.