My Present

Here's a picture of a painting Emily gave me. It's a picture of Heathy. He was my chocolate lab when I was growing up. He's thinking of a rabbit because I told Emily about him and how he played with rabbits. Heathy would sometimes catch a rabbit in his mouth and carefully move it back to the middle of the yard. Then he'd let it run and he'd case it, catch it, and bring it back. He continued this game until it got away or the until the rabbit died of exhaustion.


2008 Holiday Letter

Many of you have probably already received my 2008 letter, but if you haven't I put a digital copy here.

San Diego

I happen to be out in San Diego for work. Here are a few pictures.

On my way back Boston had a snow storm and my flight got diverted to JFK. We took a bus from there to Boston. I got home 11 hours late, but I made it. After that snow storm of 8 inches we have another 4-8 inches coming down now. Lots of snow.


Ice Storm

We had a huge ice storm in Massachusetts last Friday. I think it's the worst I've ever seen. In the Shrewsbury area the roads were not icy because it was too warm for ice on the roads, but the trees did not fair so well. Friday morning most of the side roads were impassible due to downed power lines and down trees. The major roads had already been cleared. Here are a few pictures I took.


Car Mishap

Last night I was driving home and the person in front of me stopped suddenly. Then almost in slow motion I could see that the person behind me wasn't stopping quickly enough so I edged up close to the stopped car in front of me and pressed the brake hard. The person behind me almost stopped. We pulled onto the side and there were just a few scuffs on my car's bumper and a little gouge in the plastic from her license plate. I got her phone number so I could call her if I found any unseen damage, but I didn't. I'm so thankful that it turned out ok. Getting cars fixed is such a hassle. Makes me thankful that I have a 98 Civic so that I don't need to worry about a little scuffed paint on the bumper.

About 5 years ago I had the exact same thing happen to me. I was thankful then that I had an old mini-van from my college days. My worst accident ever was when some lady hit my car in a parking lot and I wasn't even in it. Thankfully she left a note because that was expensive to fix. All in all I've been pretty lucky with car accidents. Hopefully this post doesn't jinx me :)


San Francisco

I was in California last Friday and just happened to be around Apple so I took this picture.



I traveled back to Wisconsin to see family and friends. I had an awesome time!

This is a picture of my parent's papillon, Elvis. She's the cutest!

This is a picture of the family.

This is a picture of Eric, Dan, Santa, Christy, and me at the Edwardson Tree Farm. I love working there.

This is a frosty tree on the farm.