Updated Wedding Pictures

I've updated the pictures to Christy and Dan's wedding. A bunch more people sent me pictures.

This album is from the day of the wedding.
This album is from the picture CD played at the wedding.
This album has the all the miscellaneous pictures from the trip.

http://www.glacialwanderer.com/pictures/ is a central hub where you can access all these pages.


My parents just got a new dog. It's a female Papillon. They are naming it Elvis. It sure is a cutie!

I went to the pumpkin patch with Devon and picked out a few pumpkins. Mine is now setup at work. I doubt many people have a 10 pound pumpkin balancing on their cube wall.


Iraq War Update

I found this article from NPR fairly interesting. It lists a bunch of Bush's assertions from his recent address to the nation on the Iraq war, and then gives counter points to them. Clearly a biased piece, but their points do have a certain logic to them.

I've also heard a lot about protesting the war lately. I did my part for this effort before the war started. Back then it was clear to me what choices we should make, and we did not. At this point I no longer sure there are any good solutions to the problem. The best solution I can think of is a gradual pullout along with a large aide package for the war torn country we've created. Look at the Marshall Plan for an example of how aid programs can help. Oddly enough it seems the the world likes countries that give aid and dislike countries that give war. Admittedly giving out proper aid is not easy, in fact it's extremely difficult to distribute aid in an effective manner.

One often forgotten side effect of this war isn't the few thousand American troops that have died. It seem their causality count is being constantly updated. The often forgotten Iraqis people have suffered a tremendous amount. The best information I could find on how many Iraqis had died was by researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Al Mustansiriya University in Baghdad that had estimated that 650,000 Iraqis had died as a result of the war as of October 2006. That's a huge number in a country of 27 million. The number wounded is certainly much higher and I suspect you'd be hard pressed to find many Iraqis citizens who haven't endured extreme hardships because of the invasion. It's too late to prevent these problems, but we owe help to them now. Any decision made by our government without considering these people would be a large scale injustice.

Christy and Dan's Wedding Pictures

I've posted the wedding pictures online. There are 3 albums.

This album is from the day of the wedding.
This album is from the picture CD played at the wedding.
This album has the all the miscellaneous pictures from the trip.

http://www.glacialwanderer.com/pictures/ is a central hub where you can access all these pages.

The basic philosophy of these albums was to include all the decent non-repeating pictures I had. This works good for a person who was there and is showing others or just remembering the event for themselves. Those are the main purposes of these photos. I've found that ten of the best pictures with captions is usually a much better way to describe an event for those who weren't there. If anyone wants to do something like that and wants a place to put it online just let me know and I'll host it.

I hope you enjoy the picture. I sure enjoyed being there! Mucho thanks to everyone who sent me photos.


Call for all Wedding Pictures

I'm trying to collect everyone's pictures from Chrisy and Dan's wedding. So far I have Lee/Natillie's, Diana's, and my pictures. Contact me if you have pictures/movies and I'll let you know how to get them to me. I will be posting them online, but if you want a cd/dvd with all the pictures let me know and I'll mail you a hard copy when I'm done.

The Cape

Eric and I went to Cape Cod this weekend because we had some exceptionally warm weather for this time of year. The highs were in the mid 90's instead of the normal mid 70's.

We spent a long time digging this hole and then Eric convinced me to get buried. It was all good until he started piling sand on my head...

There was this huge sand dune that must have had over 50 feet of vertical with a fairly steep slope. This was me rolling down the hill. It turns out that rolling down sand dunes is much safer than rolling down grassy hills. With grassy hills you can pick up so much speed on the hard ground that you loose control and bad things happen (yes I know this from experience). However, the sand acts as a damping agent and makes the roll a little more controlled and a lot less painful. You still get going crazy fast though. At the bottom of the sand dune I was so dizzy it took me a minute or so before I could stand up.

A Cavity

My dentist found a cavity :( It was my first one since I was a teenager, and I was shocked when they said I had one. I had it filled this past week and must admit getting a filling is less painful than I remember it being. Also the technology of fillings seems to have improved. Back in the day they used this mercury filled metallic looking filling, but now days it's a white substance that I can barely even see. Even with all that good news, getting a filling still sucks big time.

I just want this to serve as a reminder to all you kiddies out there that you need to keep up good brushing and flossing habits. I plan to step up the vigorousness of my brushing.